Spring Homebuying Checklist

Are you ready to plant roots this spring? In this competitive market, being prepared is more important than ever. But with these simple steps and our dedicated real estate team on your side, you’ll be pulling the moving truck up to the home of your dreams in no time!


  1. Get pre-approved. Know what you can afford before you start your search and shop below the top end of your budget to account for unexpected costs
  2. Create your must-have list. Decide what is non-negotiable and what you’re willing to compromise on
  3. Don’t rush, but be ready. Finding the home of your dreams can take time. Be patient, but don’t hesitate when the right one comes along
  4. Look for the potential. Don’t dwell on cosmetic fixes, instead look for signs of a well-maintained house and strong foundation
  5. Don’t go at it alone. Hire a dedicated, knowledgeable real estate agent who can negotiate a winning deal (like us!)

Give us a call. We’re ready to spring into action and help guide you every step of your real estate journey.

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